You should've heard the family's reaction when I told them the good news.

Do you have any aspirin on hand?

His self-denial is admirable.

Or that was the idea.

In here, I look like a madman who just escaped from the lunatic asylum.

That's quite a bit.


Piete cares for you very much.

Let's wrap up this work now and go out drinking.

The restaurant can't be matched for good service.


Kate had long hair when I first met him.


We have to change our plans.


Clark tried to pry open the box with a crowbar.

This is fundamentally unfair.

How awful to reflect that what people say of us is true!


There's a motion sensor in the corner.

That's a great deal.

Interlingua has five older sisters.

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Pick a card.

I guess that's all I need.

She bought new gloves.

If you don't like Hazel Jackson, I can suggest another lawyer.

His remark has nothing to do with the subject.

This is quite contrary to what I want.

The candidate is knowledgeable on the developments of physics but we can't hire him.


Come as early as possible.

As far as this matter is concerned, I am satisfied.

I would like to have a look at your collection of stamps.


I thought you said you had a dog.

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Thanks to a bureaucratic blunder, we don't have access to the building anymore.


Duke is an expert witness for the defense.

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Why are you wasting your time with Micah?

Never rub your eyes when your hands are dirty.

It conforms to the requirements of logic.

Jeanette doesn't wear glasses, but he used to.

Did you get me anything?

You'd better hurry up if you want to get home before dark.

I do need you.


She didn't visit me on Sunday, but on Monday.


The lady's name is Sue.


Knute has been working too hard.


All I want to do is sit here.


She went to bed, having set the alarm for seven.


Gunnar slept like a child.

Don't go anywhere.

He spoke for one hour.

I washed my hands as usual.

When we were in high school, Dorothy and I used to hang out a lot together.

Kevin asked Conrad to quit her job.

Owen likes American movies, but Patrick likes European movies.

I left something in the room.

I brought a picture of them.

I'd like to work at a hospital.

Solving your problem should be first on the list.

In this world, it's easy to lose oneself in all the deceptions and temptations.

When my home had an extension built I only had this room fitted with soundproofing and an internal lock.

I ran past them.

I heard they found her guilty.


Feast all night and fight all day!


A bear will not touch a dead body.

We have optimized the database indexing, and as a result, system efficiency has improved by 50%.

Why don't we talk about this over dinner?

I made a phone call.

I met with an old friend of mine at the station.

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This game design specialist classifies board games by the number of player pieces.


Briggs helped his mother set the table.

Please get your junk out of this room.

She gypped me out of my money!

He'll try to find everything out.

It might intimidate them.

This increase in the number of unemployed people is a result of the bad economy.

Typing is a fundamental skill that children have to learn. However, they should not be learning it at the expense of handwriting.


That was why the city was named Rome.

In interviewing John for the job, we must take into account that he has very bad eyesight.

We went to Hawaii last year for the first time.


You can't run from the past.

You need to walk away.

Noam shared a well with his neighbor.

Is it difficult work?

Outing closeted, gay celebrities is a controversial practice.

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We owe you a debt of gratitude.

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Put handcuffs on him.

It is said that every week, a language goes extinct somewhere in the world.

We couldn't stop Ninja from leaving.


Breakfast is a smorgasbord.

I wish Brooke wouldn't keep hassling me.

We didn't talk yesterday.

You should make notes.

Hotta handed Winnie the photo.

This is the house where he lived.

It's only a dream.

Check this out.

I was with her last week.

Did you see her?

Why don't they say something?

She is engaged to a rich man.

Don't be embarrassed, Francois.

Why give it to me?

Luke delivered the package to Takeuchi.

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We are the pioneers of this new branch of science.


She's lying on the floor.

You're really good at that.

Sehyo wouldn't allow us to help him.

Wendy received beautiful flowers from her son.

Three of the hostages were beheaded.

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I need more information about how to use this new software.


What else can you do?

I missed her.

I didn't want to go to the reception.

Stacy is very good at doing things with his hands.

I always thought that Pat and Lievaart would eventually get married.

This is the first time I've ever revised English grammar.

Curtis is a poet.

I like two girls.

Do not wander in speech!

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This was too much for them.

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Jenine will win.

I don't know what will pass.

I hope the work is finished.

Ralph said he'd never leave his wife.

Roxanne should come.

How often do you eat caviar?

You need to do this.

You won't have anything to do if you get there early.

In the winter, I like to sled down the small hill close to our home.

You looked dangerous.

I used to be as optimistic as Lyndon when I first started working here.

Doctors can bury their mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant ivy.

They agree with him.


Marguerite went back into the cave.

I'm off duty.

As is often the case with young men, he is indifferent to money.

It's better for you to do what your lawyer advises.

Joon put his gun in its holster.


Hold still, Kee.


He backed us up in the case.

A user should have freedom with respect to both hardware and software. An operating system should be open, not closed.

Why aren't Hirofumi and Frances here?

The goal of the Ice Bucket Challenge was to raise awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.

She's teaching us French.

I married a Polish woman.

Limit your remarks to the matter we are discussing.

Playing badminton is a lot of fun.

She choked eating olives.

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Don't talk to the driver.

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Maurice noticed that one chair in Lenny's flat was not in the same place anymore as it had been the day before.

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He had the kindness to show me the way.

The soldiers were sent back to their base.

You don't need to be there either.

They seemed really despondent to find that their project didn't boost profits like they thought it would.

We're friends since Monday.

Whose teacher is coming from the United Kingdom?

Ilya knows how to fight.

I don't want to think about what could have happened.

Jay has been in there for almost three hours now.

He doesn't study as hard as he used to.

Collin plays the bass guitar in our band.


He didn't say anything new.

Can you see her?

Maybe I shouldn't sell my canoe.

I've found a way of jumping so you can get 202m in the ski-jump!

I think it's my turn.